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Our Services

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Data Backup & Recovery
Is your important information backed-up? Protect your critical data. We can assess your current backup strategies, recommend appropriate backup solutions, and help you establish reliable data backup and recovery processes.

Internal Network Scanning
What is happening on your network? Our scanning services will identify devices connected to your network and provide suggestions to reduce risk and maintain a secure environment.

External Network Scanning
Are you exposing your home or small business to hackers? We can test the security of your Internet connection. We will do an Internet scan, identify problems and give advice to enhance your Internet security.

IT Consulting
Do you need general IT advice? We offer IT consulting tailored to home computer users and small businesses. We are here to help you make informed decisions.

Password Management
Do you have too many passwords to remember? We will help you select a password manager solution for your accounts.

Remote Viewing
Do you need advice without having to wait for an on-site visit? With your permission, our remote viewing technology lets us see your computer screen, tablet or phone so we can provide the best security advice. No matter where you are, we can help you.

Retainer Services
Do you need ongoing access to a cybersecurity professional? We offer a retainer service to provide an expedited response to you or your small business. You gain a trusted partner dedicated to the ongoing cybersecurity of your home or small business.

Risk Assessment
Do you know the risks to your computer or your information? We can evaluate the cyber security risks your family or business faces and recommend corrective strategies. We will identify vulnerabilities, determine impact, and provide you a plan to reduce cyber risks.

Router Security
Can hackers get to your computer from the Internet? We can determine your router’s security and advise you on best practices to defend against potential threats.

Security Awareness Training
Do you know how to recognize and respond to cybersecurity threats? We can educate you, your family or your small business on cybersecurity best practices, phishing awareness, password management, and other essential cybersecurity measures.

Vulnerability Detection
Are your devices vulnerable to hackers? We can assess your computers and provide recommendations to address detected weaknesses.

WiFi Mapping and Analysis
Anyone else using your WiFi? We can analyze your WiFi environment and provide recommendations to protect it from unauthorized access.